History of a painting (part 2)


Too much paint.Good bye to my cowhide. But some interesting new landscape appear .




I don’t feel like working on a big horizon dark landscape, so I buried the hole thing  under a moving blanket of
white paint.



I’m not happy with he nature of the cotton for the type of painting this is turning to be. But the image of a pond appears in my head . So I ‘m going to go hat way. Down poring drips as vertical reflections , I tried them many times. They never work. This is a boring moment in the process. You lost your initiative and now you need to figure out what is it that this painting has in it and if he is willing to collaborate or is just there waiting for you to make mistake after mistake and then have a big laugh at you.



If i let it dry and tomorrow I came back with new eyes I may have the chance to follow on what I have now .

No. I can’t stand it! Back to white.


I put some gesso directly with my hands. I do that for the first time in my live , and I LOVE IT ! Is fantastic .like massaging the painting . So may be he would star to love me back a bit more before I loose my temper and finish him off. This gives us a window to a future together ! Let’s see!

I never tried the hands painting before because I always use oil paint, but whit this backgroudns it can be done perfectly well in acrylic . So I shall investigate that lead, see what happens. I like the directness and a sort of fullcontact fight thing that is going on,primitive ,bodily.


imageBut gesso and water base paint are unbereably flat ,so I put a oil patina to increase the depth in the material. Not jet in the general image, that by the way I see now it is growing to be in the line of the Ophelia series. I’ve only done 3 or 4 this size and it is the ideal one.

Now, if tomorrow in the studio I’m still happy with what I have. A different, much slower phase of the painting begins. More looking,more concentration ….

to be continue ……..


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One Response to History of a painting (part 2)

  1. saramurado says:

    Love the history of a painting!!

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