Posted on May 23, 2014 by muradostudio

On May 24th I will be traveling to Galicia . On June 6th the exhibition
“Antonio Murado, ‘O Bargenho das Santas,’ Pinturas, Esculturas e Mobiliario”
will open at the CENTRAD (Centro de Artesania e Deseño) in Lugo, Spain .

CENTRAD is a center for the preservation of traditional crafts . It hosts several workshops ,a research center , museum and temporary exhibition space.
My show will open a program that will feature artists invited to create a body of work outside his/her main discipline. My show will be curated by the center’s director Luciano Perez.

For the past five months the team of cabinet makers at the CENTRAD, under the direction of master ebanista João Fernandes, has been working with the contents from a crate that I sent from my studio in New Jersey. The crate contained my painted drawer fronts, photographs, half-finished furniture pieces and measured drawings. After sending these materials, I went to Lugo to further the pieces, select the wood stock and discuss joinery and construction details with Luciano and João. They later completed most of the remaining building and assembly.

They did an amazing job, and I will now be arriving in Lugo with three large paintings recently finished in my studio to complete general installation of the show.

The main exhibition space at the CENTRAD is a former 1940s church. During the opening there will be a concert premiering a musical piece by Javier Arias Bal, composed specifically for the event. The piece was written for saxophonist Javier Escaned and zanfona-midi, an instrument designed by Javier Arias Bal and built years ago by Luciano Perez (who is also a luthier) at the same institution where this is now all happening.

I will keep you all posted on the specifics of this event

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